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Pool floaties online store and floaties rental service based on Denpasar, BaliIndonesia. Everybody can use our floaties for your own private event or party accessories. Kids Floaties also able to use for Pool. Our types of floaties as follow:

Type A: Big Flamingo, Glitter Seashell, Big Swan, Glitter Pony, Glitter Unicorn
Type B: Unicorn, Pink Shell , Blue Shell, Flamingo Soft Pink, Leaf
Type C : Duck, Flamingo
Baby Type
0-3yo: Pink Flamingo | Swan | Pineapple | Watermelon | Unicorn
3-6yo: Rose Gold Flamingo

Check our floaties cataloque on FLOATIES RENTAL page. Do you want to have floaties in your pool? Check our floaties shop.

Free delivery in Bali area (terms & conditions applied). Floaties in bahasa mean pelampung / ban renang.

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